DearBrenda v01

As our daytime lives have significantly changed in this unique time, so have our nights. Our dreams can be vivid and intense.

Try not to be frightened or over think or judge your dreams or undervalue them as “only a dream” and “strange”. It’s more helpful to explore, reflect and give meaning to your dreams.

If you are curious, you will find new understanding about how your dreams represent personal fears, hopes, wishes and yearnings, and how collective images play a part in each of our dream worlds.

Respect your inner life, your own “dream script” and trust that there are lessons to be learned by staying open, curious, thinking about the dream, your feelings in the dream, your feelings after the dream and try to think about how it is highlighting your very own struggles and themes you are dealing with!

Seen through the lens of openness, everything will be elucidated! I use dream work as a way to explore what your unique dreams mean uniquely in your life!