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Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision


Supporting your practice, supporting your growth

I supervise and train psychotherapists in all aspects of private practice. I enjoy teaching, sharing and empowering new and experienced therapists. My focus is on enhancing the strengths of a practitioner whilst nurturing areas that need support. Our objective is to deepen the work and allow for the growth of an ethical, effective and viable practice.

Some areas of efficacious clinical supervision include:

  • Clinical knowledge, integration of theory and practice and creating a therapeutic alliance.
  • Dream analysis and interpretation in individual and couples as well as sex therapy
  • Development of your own individual approach and style in a dynamic practice
  • Presenting a warm, accessible and non-judgemental manner to create trust 
  • Procedural coding best practices for reimbursement and health insurance issues
  • Recommendations about specific areas of education, workshops and conferences, developing collegial networks and organizational participation.
  • Setting up an effective private practice