DearBrenda v01

My two sense are some of my thoughts, musings and questions of the day, week and month. Some may be profound, some may be practical but either way, I hope they resonate with you and allow you to think and ponder your own deep thoughts. There is always someone interested in your point of view, listening to your truth, no matter where it comes from within you. Be sure to share when asked and not just for the sake of it. Be sure you can step back and not fix things but also trust and let things be.

The taoist belief of Lao Tze Ching:”Do without doing and all will be done” is meaningful… that means don’t stop trying either! Life is full of paradoxes.

I will try to have a humanistic point of view, believing that we can all think, grow, evolve, change and be accountable to ourselves and others.I feel that in these trying times, connecting is the most important of all activities; connecting with others in pain, connecting with those in grief and loss, connecting in anxiety and fear of the unknown, connecting in truth and beauty, in nature, art and creativity and most of all, connecting and coming from a place of an open and loving heart.

What you sow may not reap immediately or as soon as you think you need and want it to and it may hurt you and cause frustration. An authentic experience of goodness and being your best self does count and matter, in so many ways. So suspend the need and expectation for quick results, take the long historical view of life…and, as a friend once wrote in a beautiful poem.

“We are not original, only new.”

Take your time to let yourself unfold…